Cow Horn Jewellery by Wild Gecko


Cow horn jwelleryJewellery:

All Cow Horn Jewellery by Wild Gecko is hand-crafted, each piece determined by the unique properties of the different horns we use. At times the horn lends itself to straight, clean, linear forms; at others the natural fissures and imperfections of this beautiful material dictate more organic, fluid shapes. We mix and match different metals - hand-cast bronze, silver, glass - in our designs, from necklaces to rings, bracelets and earrings. The techniques we use can be traced back almost 300 years - but we pride ourselves on developing new, innovative ways of working this beautiful material provided by the African Longhorn Cow!

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When not wearing your cow horn pieces, wrap them up to prevent scratching. If they lose some of their shine through wear, rub with a little baby oil. Rubbing with Brasso polish also restores the shine. If kept in plastic, cow horn can develop a peculiar smell. This disappears in a short while when exposed to air!


Findings are generally sterling silver, gold-plated silver and gold fill. The black-sheathed steel choker has a plated copper magnetic clasp. All findings are nickel-free.