About Us

Wild Gecko - Shop Entrance

Wild Gecko Handicrafts, has for some years now been in the business of improving and developing local Artisanal Skills towards adapting and developing traditional products and technologies to meet new demands of local and export markets for innovative and high-quality products.

Our products comprising primarily handcrafted furniture and personal and household decorations and accessories, have been exported to numerous countries including the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany , the Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Jamaica , Australia , Malaysia and continentally to Nigeria , Côte d'Ivoire, Benin and Burkina Faso . Our range includes such items as jewellery, textiles and clothing, furniture, frames, stationery, sculptures and carvings made from materials such as brass, horn, glass, aluminium, wood and grass.

Wild Gecko - Inside the Shop

The bulk of our products are manufactured locally at our workshops at Okponglo or elsewhere in and around Accra and the rest of Ghana , although we also showcase products specially sourced from currently about 15 other African countries including South Africa , Swaziland , Zimbabwe , Kenya , Cameroon , Niger , Madagascar , Mauritania , Morocco and Ethiopia .